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7 psychology hacks to (ethically) influence anyone (VIDEO)

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In this video, the guys at Charisma on Command take a dive into “Influence” by Robert Cialdini – the classic book about the science of persuasion.

The video explains 7 powerful principles like social proof, scarcity, consistency, reciprocity, authority, liking, plus the innovative concept of risk mitigation.

Learning these principles not only demonstrate how to apply the science of persuasion on others, but also help us recognise when we’re being influenced or even manipulated.

But, if there’s one thing that needs to stick, it’s this: ethical persuasion is crucial. When we apply our influence for the right reasons, serving others’ interests genuinely, we’re sowing seeds of trust and goodwill.

We’re building stronger relationships, and showing that true influence is all about integrity, trust and mutual gain. Check out the video below: