How to pronounce aesthetic (and other tricky words)

How to pronounce - prejudiuce - poignant - ennui - aesthetic

If you’re like me you love discovering new words in books, in everyday conversation. Expanding your vocabulary just feels… nice. Like you’ve done something good for your brain. And having new words in your linguistic armory is a useful tool whenever you want to explain concepts that are hard to do in more mundane, common … Read more

The psychology of adult thumbsucking

Thumbsucking is a common, perfectly normal behaviour in babies and infants which most of us grow out of. But what does it mean when thumbsucking continues into adulthood? We take a dive into the psychology of adult thumbsucking and the causes, consequences and side effects. First off, let’s take a trip back to the womb…. … Read more

33 Most Overrated Things in 2023

Most overrated things 2023

This is my highly subjective, opinionated list of the most highly overrated things in 2023. Society and politics 1) A formal education Do you really need a college degree to get on in life these days? Well, if you want to become a surgeon, YouTube videos aren’t going to win over 8 years at med … Read more

Is reading subtitles good for your brain?

Is reading TV subtitles good for your brain?

Is reading subtitles good for your brain? Short answer, yes. Reading subtitles while you’re watching TV or a movie has multiple cognitive benefits; strengthening reading skills, boosting comprehension and attention to detail, and improving memory. Subtitles are back in fashion Subtitles are experiencing a renaissance. According to a recent survey 80% of 18-25 year olds … Read more

12 unusual ways to learn foreign vocabulary words fast and effectively

Best foreign language board games

What’s the most important aspect of learning a foreign language? Some say learning grammar is the foundation. Others stress the importance of reading, writing or listening to unfamiliar words and phrases. And of course, speaking the language is fundamental if you want to be fluent in conversation. But arguably, under-pinning all of these elements, focussing … Read more

How Hollywood uses colour to manipulate our emotions

How Hollywood uses colour to manipulate emotions

Film-makers routinely use colour to exploit the emotions of their audiences If you like movies you may have noticed that certain film genres always seem to share the same shades of colour; warm reds for romances, de-saturated tones for apocalyptic dystopias, blue cold-tones for horror movies. The list goes on. This doesn’t happen by accident. Colour … Read more

4 of the most common myths about body language

Crossed arms and small-talk

Some of our most common assumptions about body language are just plain wrong Body language reveals all – or so some ‘experts’ would have you believe.  The truth is, body language is riddled with ambiguities, exceptions and opportunities for misunderstandings. There are countless studies you can read on the ‘science of non-verbal communication‘. But becoming fluent in body language is … Read more

6 controversial takes from Nietzsche on love and relationships

Nietzsche on love and marriage

Maverick philosopher Frederick Nietzsche had some rather unconventional views about love and marriage When it comes to relationship advice, no matter where you look, you’ll find the same tired tips, endlessly recycled by self-help books, lifestyle magazines, friends and relatives. So what do you do when you’ve exhausted all the tried and trusted advice? Where … Read more