Experiencing awe in nature makes you kinder, scientists say

Awed by nature

Experiencing the awe of nature makes us more kind and generous In the Urban Dictionary the word awesome is defined sarcastically, but perhaps quite accurately,  as “something Americans use to describe everything.” Despite this lexical fall from grace, the meaning of awesome has loftier origins. The word stems from the 16th century and means “filled with awe“. So what exactly …

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These are quite possibly the 9 best psychology studies…. ever

fun with bubble wrap

To most people, the idea of taking part in a psychology experiment doesn’t sound like a load of fun. Who would want to be a guinea pig and have scientists meddling with your mind? Well, think again. Sometimes scientific research can have some unexpected rewards and perks for the participants. Here are nine psychology studies that you would find hard …

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Stop using this word and change your entire world view

The verb ‘to be’ distorts our perception of reality Simple changes in your speech and writing can have transformative effects on the way you perceive the world and how others perceive you. This communication hack from an obscure, but influential Polish aristocrat should certainly get you thinking. Alfred Korzybski Alfred Korzybski, a Polish emigre to the USA, was a …

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You’re more likely to be honest in the morning

Research shows that we’re more likely to make better moral decisions in the morning than later in the day Did you ever notice that we seem to try harder to be “good” during the day than we do at night? While daytime activities are more positive and productive, at nighttime, we like to blow off …

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The attribution error: why we love to blame other people

Fundamental Attribution Error

The fundamental attribution error causes us to point the finger of blame and ignore situational factors Did you ever wonder why you come across so many idiots when you’re out driving? Or, why your boss is so rude and inconsiderate? Here’s a secret: the problem might not be with the other people at all. It could be …

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Could laziness be the secret to success?

This business principle says if you want to rise to the top, it pays to be lazy… If you thought that climbing the career ladder was all about sweat and hard work, think again. Some business leaders claim that the key to success isn’t about being industriousness, it’s about practicing a kind of laziness. This counter-intuitive principle …

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Scientists say smiling makes your face more memorable

Smiling causes a range of powerful psychological effects, including whether or not someone will remember your face. Do you remember that guy you saw at the party frowning and looking uncomfortable? Chances are you didn’t. New research shows that you’re more likely to remember someone if their facial expression matches the surrounding context. Even if you’re the …

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The psychology of Android vs Apple

Apple iPhone iOs and Samsung Android phone

Our caveman ancestry explains why people form strong psychological allegiances over trivial matters like smartphone operating systems When it comes to choosing a new smartphone, people are split between two main tribes. Apple fans and Android devotees. Often, you’ll find these tribes at war, in heated debates and discussion forums around the world. So why do people get …

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