Why are so many top CEO’s psychopaths?

CEO Psychopaths

Psychopathic personality traits are common amongst business leaders Thanks to the entertainment industry, most people are quite familiar with the term ‘psychopath’. We think of a psychopath as a dangerous, scary person who is out to wreck vengeance; or someone who is disturbed enough to carry out horrific acts of violence. But most psychopaths are not homicidal … Read more

8 studies every lover should know about

Love pebbles

Scientists are starting to untangle some of the mysteries about how and why we fall, and stay in love Artists and scholars alike have been trying to unravel the mysteries of love and romance for centuries. And now science has joined the quest. With techniques ranging from social surveys to brain imaging, researchers are beginning to discover exactly how … Read more

11 science-backed truths on the power of human touch

Hands outstretched

These eleven psychology studies reveal the complex dynamic of human touch Touch can have powerful psychological effects on both the giver and the recipient. It conveys a lot of unsaid information; and can affect people’s decisions without them even being aware of it happening. So here are 11 studies that reveal some of the interesting … Read more

The attribution error: why we love to blame other people

Fundamental Attribution Error

The fundamental attribution error causes us to point the finger of blame and ignore situational factors Did you ever wonder why you come across so many idiots when you’re out driving? Or, why your boss is so rude and inconsiderate? Here’s a secret: the problem might not be with the other people at all. It could be … Read more

The Gottman Ratio: how to predict the success of your relationship

Happy couple heart

Research reveals that successful couples have five times as many positive interactions than negative interactions Maintaining a relationship takes continuous effort. The good thing is that it seems that this process is biased towards positive experiences for both partners. Through decades of research, Dr. John Gottman, Dr. Silver and their colleagues have found that when partners … Read more

7 marriage tips from an expert in relationship science

Bride wedding dress

Decades of research reveal these seven principles for maintaining a happing meaningful married life When it comes to marital happiness, prevention is indeed the best (or at least the easiest) cure. Dr. Gottman, who has studied relationships for a number a decades, has identified the similarities among happy couples and those among unhappy couples. Through … Read more

Could laziness be the secret to success?

This business principle says if you want to rise to the top, it pays to be lazy… If you thought that climbing the career ladder was all about sweat and hard work, think again. Some business leaders claim that the key to success isn’t about being industriousness, it’s about practicing a kind of laziness. This counter-intuitive principle … Read more

This colour has an actual superpower

In the 1970s, scientists discovered a colour that seemed to exhibit an almost magical calming effect Alexander Schauss, a psychologist from Tacoma, Washington, specialised in the field of colour theory. In the late 1970’s he began a series of experiments to test what the effects of different colours might have on human behaviour. His experiments revealed that one particular colour had an amazing effect. … Read more

Scientists say smiling makes your face more memorable

Smiling causes a range of powerful psychological effects, including whether or not someone will remember your face. Do you remember that guy you saw at the party frowning and looking uncomfortable? Chances are you didn’t. New research shows that you’re more likely to remember someone if their facial expression matches the surrounding context. Even if you’re the … Read more