Life is like a piece music. Stop trying to race to the end

musicians enjoying themselves

Philosopher Alan Watts says we should enjoy life as we enjoy music Alan Watts (1915-1973) may or may not be a name familiar to you, but his legacy certainly is. British-born Watts was an author, philosopher and speaker with a deep interest and passion in the spiritual teachings of Eastern philosophy. After moving to the US, Watts, …

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The Bystander Effect: Why good people turn a blind eye

The bystander effect

The more people witness someone’s distress, the less likely it is that any one individual will offer assistance. On a spring morning in 2010, near the corner of 144th Street and 88th Road in Queens, New York , an argument broke about between a man and a woman. As the dispute escalated it became clear …

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Too many choices make you less, not more happy


Too much choice is a recipe for unhappiness, anxiety and dissatisfaction with life “After millions of years of survival based on simple distinctions, it may simply be that we are biologically unprepared for the number of choices we face in the modern world” Schwartz, 2004 Economists and business leaders tell us that more choice is better.  But, …

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4 science-backed relationship killers

Broken heart

According to research there are four behaviours which can be lethal to a relationship So, you’ve met the love of your life, been swept off your feet, and now you’re settled into your new life as a couple. But as time wears on, cracks may start to appear in the relationship. So what should you be …

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