This colour has an actual superpower

In the 1970s, scientists discovered a colour that seemed to exhibit an almost magical calming effect Alexander Schauss, a psychologist from Tacoma, Washington, specialised in the field of colour theory. In the late 1970’s he began a series of experiments to test what the effects of different colours might have on human behaviour. His experiments revealed that one particular colour had an amazing effect. … Read more

Scientists say smiling makes your face more memorable

Smiling causes a range of powerful psychological effects, including whether or not someone will remember your face. Do you remember that guy you saw at the party frowning and looking uncomfortable? Chances are you didn’t. New research shows that you’re more likely to remember someone if their facial expression matches the surrounding context. Even if you’re the … Read more

The psychology of Android vs Apple

Apple iPhone iOs and Samsung Android phone

Our caveman ancestry explains why people form strong psychological allegiances over trivial matters like smartphone operating systems When it comes to choosing a new smartphone, people are split between two main tribes. Apple fans and Android devotees. Often, you’ll find these tribes at war, in heated debates and discussion forums around the world. So why do people get … Read more

The Bystander Effect: Why good people turn a blind eye

The bystander effect

The more people witness someone’s distress, the less likely it is that any one individual will offer assistance. On a spring morning in 2010, near the corner of 144th Street and 88th Road in Queens, New York , an argument broke about between a man and a woman. As the dispute escalated it became clear … Read more