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The psychology of adult thumbsucking

Thumbsucking is a common, perfectly normal behaviour in babies and infants which most of us grow out of. But what does it mean when thumbsucking continues into adulthood? We take a dive into the psychology of adult thumbsucking and the causes, consequences and side effects. First off, let’s take a trip back to the womb…. …

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33 Most Overrated Things in 2024

Most overrated things 2023

This is my highly subjective, opinionated list of the most highly overrated things in 2024. Society and politics 1) A formal education Do you really need a college degree to get on in life these days? Well, if you want to become a surgeon, YouTube videos aren’t going to win over 8 years at med …

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The oversharing couple: How happy are they really?

What makes couples overshare on Facebook and social media? Is it a sign of insecurity, or true love? Couples who gush about their relationship over social media are often treated with a certain amount of envy-tainted-scorn. Others simultaneously want to live such lives; and want the public displays of affection to stop. The good news is, they really are likely …

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The psychology of online sharing

The science of online sharing

What prompts us to share on social media and why do we share the things we do? Science has started to figure this out. Why we share We all do it… A lot! Possibly because of it’s ease, sharing on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has become a commonplace habit. One of the key factors for sharing something online …

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Too many choices make you less, not more happy


Too much choice is a recipe for unhappiness, anxiety and dissatisfaction with life “After millions of years of survival based on simple distinctions, it may simply be that we are biologically unprepared for the number of choices we face in the modern world” Schwartz, 2004 Economists and business leaders tell us that more choice is better.  But, …

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