How Hollywood uses colour to manipulate our emotions

How Hollywood uses colour to manipulate emotions

Film-makers routinely use colour to exploit the emotions of their audiences If you like movies you may have noticed that certain film genres always seem to share the same shades of colour; warm reds for romances, de-saturated tones for apocalyptic dystopias, blue cold-tones for horror movies. The list goes on. This doesn’t happen by accident. Colour …

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Why do our brains associate red with passion?

Red - attraction - colour psychology

Why do our brains associate the colour red with attraction and desire? If you’re single and in the dating game, it’s incredibly important to make a good first impression. Whilst you can’t change your personality overnight, or make yourself taller, you can influence your date’s opinion of you by other means, such as your appearance. …

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This colour has an actual superpower

In the 1970s, scientists discovered a colour that seemed to exhibit an almost magical calming effect Alexander Schauss, a psychologist from Tacoma, Washington, specialised in the field of colour theory. In the late 1970’s he began a series of experiments to test what the effects of different colours might have on human behaviour. His experiments revealed that one particular colour had an amazing effect. …

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