How to pronounce aesthetic (and other tricky words)

How to pronounce - prejudiuce - poignant - ennui - aesthetic

If you’re like me you love discovering new words in books, in everyday conversation. Expanding your vocabulary just feels… nice. Like you’ve done something good for your brain. And having new words in your linguistic armory is a useful tool whenever you want to explain concepts that are hard to do in more mundane, common … Read more

Is reading subtitles good for your brain?

Is reading TV subtitles good for your brain?

Is reading subtitles good for your brain? Short answer, yes. Reading subtitles while you’re watching TV or a movie has multiple cognitive benefits; strengthening reading skills, boosting comprehension and attention to detail, and improving memory. Subtitles are back in fashion Subtitles are experiencing a renaissance. According to a recent survey 80% of 18-25 year olds … Read more

12 unusual ways to learn foreign vocabulary words fast and effectively

Best foreign language board games

What’s the most important aspect of learning a foreign language? Some say learning grammar is the foundation. Others stress the importance of reading, writing or listening to unfamiliar words and phrases. And of course, speaking the language is fundamental if you want to be fluent in conversation. But arguably, under-pinning all of these elements, focussing … Read more

Stop using this word and change your entire world view

The verb ‘to be’ distorts our perception of reality Simple changes in your speech and writing can have transformative effects on the way you perceive the world and how others perceive you. This communication hack from an obscure, but influential Polish aristocrat should certainly get you thinking. Alfred Korzybski Alfred Korzybski, a Polish emigre to the USA, was a … Read more

The surprising speech technique that makes top leaders sound important

To speak with authority, don’t focus on the details, talk in vague, abstract terms. Ever wondered why the boss of your company talks in such a non-direct way. Why you never hear them discussing the nitty gritty? Well, there’s a reason why. Psychologists have discovered that when leaders use vague and abstract language, it gives them a sense of authority. Talking about … Read more