Does music help or hinder productivity?

Music, work and productivity

Does music really boost your productivity at work or is it actually a distraction? Managers are often divided about whether employees should be allowed to listen to music as they work. While some offices allow (and some even promote) using music to focus on one’s tasks; others frown upon the activity as a time-waster. Is there a …

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How to get more done by daydreaming

Mind wandering - day dreaming - benefits

Daydreaming, wool-gathering, zoning-out, everybody does it. But it’s a guilty pleasure, universally considered to be a waste of time, the realm of the slacker, an enemy of productivity. Recent research, however may change our perspectives. A wandering mind, it appears, is actually associated with widespread activation of the brain, allowing you to make creative insights and form new connections between disparate ideas …

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Could laziness be the secret to success?

This business principle says if you want to rise to the top, it pays to be lazy… If you thought that climbing the career ladder was all about sweat and hard work, think again. Some business leaders claim that the key to success isn’t about being industriousness, it’s about practicing a kind of laziness. This counter-intuitive principle …

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