The psychology of online sharing

The science of online sharing

What prompts us to share on social media and why do we share the things we do? Science has started to figure this out. Why we share We all do it… A lot! Possibly because of it’s ease, sharing on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has become a commonplace habit. One of the key factors for sharing something online …

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The psychology of Android vs Apple

Apple iPhone iOs and Samsung Android phone

Our caveman ancestry explains why people form strong psychological allegiances over trivial matters like smartphone operating systems When it comes to choosing a new smartphone, people are split between two main tribes. Apple fans and Android devotees. Often, you’ll find these tribes at war, in heated debates and discussion forums around the world. So why do people get …

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Ordering food on your iPad is a really bad idea

iPad food

When you order food using your iPad or tablet, your subconscious brain is tricked into buying more than you intended. Isn’t it great that you can do so many things with iPad apps? Well, maybe it isn’t always so great. Psychologists and food industry experts now agree that when we use an iPad or tablet to order food …

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